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  Mikey's Happy Tail

April 2016

A Very happy tail within our own ‪#‎teamssk‬ family. Congratulations to Kristina and her boyfriend Michael on adding the most precious little Mikey to their family. If you remember Mikey was a little orphan baby whom Candy adopted as one of her own. He'd had recurring issues with nasal infections, which after a visit to the specialist turned out that he has a shortened epiglottis and thin soft palate which weren't meeting up exactly as normal, causing wet food to get through the space and into the nasal cavity. He's doing wonderfully now. Mikey fit right in with his new kitty siblings, joining 6 other rescued babies. Kristina and Michael are quite smitten with this boy and are amazing kitty parents. We figured it was just a matter of time before an ssk baby stole their hearts. We love you Mikey (now known as Kaiser) and couldn't be happier for all of you. You sure did hit the mommy and daddy jackpot. Godspeed sweet sweet boy!!! ‪#‎adoptssk‬ #teamssk
  Jem's Happy Tail

April 2016

Sweet girl Jem has gone to her forever home with the fabulous Kathleen Greenlee and her hubby John. It was only a matter of time before one of our ssk kitties stole their heart. They are just the best cat couple and a godsend to #teamssk. You might recall Kathleen issued the $5 Friday matching donation challenge which netted $1060 in donations from our fans, which she and John matched!!! How fabulous for all of the new babies in our care!!
Jem was a tiny little 5lb mommy with 4 kittens surrendered with a purple bell collar on, all discarded like garbage and on their last day about to be killed, when we saved Jem and her little family. All of her babies found fabulous homes, and Jem was waiting for her purrfect people. Let me tell ya, it was worth the wait! !! This girl will have the best life! !
Jem is the sweetest little lap kitty ever. She joins 5 new kitty siblings in her new home. Congratulations Kathleen, John and sweet Jem! ! We are over the moon about this happy tail.



Zeus & Aphrodite Happy Tail

April 2016

HAPPY TAIL--"Honoring those we've lost by giving another a home"

Congratulations to new Mom again, Anna on adding sweet siblings Zeus and Aphrodite to her home. Anna had recently lost her last kitty and had been heartbroken. She felt like she wanted to open her heart to 2 siblings and met these two a week ago and fell in love. Look at the joy these babies are already bringing her. Anna is a wonderful kitty mom and we know these 2 babies have found their forever with a doting new mom. Getting a picture of these two yesterday was tough! !! Godspeed sweet babies. Blessings Anna! Thank you for opening your heart to these wonderful babies! !! ♡

  Silverbel's  Happy Tail

April 2016

7 months ago I was lying on a gurney about to undergo surgery about to be wheeled into the O.R. I was texting like mad with a few members of ‪#‎teamssk‬ about saving 2 cats, Penny and Silverbell. They were on their last day at a kill shelter. My phone was taken from me and I understand one of the first things I asked when I came to was "were we in time to save them?" Thanks to teamwork We were. Both girls stole the entire team's hearts. If you've been following our page, you know that Penny did finally find her perfect Mommy. And now, finally, I can report that our sweet girl, Silverbell has also found her perfect family. She will be going HOME tomorrow. TIME is what is often necessary to find these babies their perfect families. We don't rush to just hand them over to anyone. Bell did have a few apps that didn't pass. We will always stand firm on our adoption criteria. And this is why. BELL has found a fabulous new forever family!! Impeccable!
While we all will miss her, we are So happy for our sweet Girl! !! Will share her Happy Tail photo tomorrow.
Bell is such a sweet sweet deserving girl. At a time of year when so many adults are overlooked, please meet our adults or older kittens. ♡♡♡
Tears of joy from the entire ‪#‎ssk‬ team!!!
We'll miss you sweet girl, but it's finally YOUR TIME! ! GODSPEED SWEET BELL!

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