SSK is a small organization that is doing what we can to save the lives of cats and kittens in high kill shelters in the Carolinas. 

The number one reason owner’s surrender their cats to animal shelters is for behavior reasons.   

Most of the time these behavior issues can be fixed and often times the solution is easy.  A little knowledge can go along way.


Below is information on common behavior problems, how to care for kittens, integrating new cats into your home and more.


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Adjusting to a New Home

The Truth About Declawing

Litter Box Issues

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Cat Proofing Your Home

Introducing A New Cat To Your Dog









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Recommended Reading:

A great resource for cat behavior issues is The Cat Whisperer by Mieshelle Nagelschneider.

Available on Amazon.  Buy it now through Amazon Smile an a percentage goes back to SSK.

Low Cost Spay / Neuter -

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Two locations in Charlotte.  Monthly Specials.

$30 Male Cats and $89 Female dogs in September.

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