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All Saving Southern Kitties Merchandise is produced by Embroidery 2 in Charlotte, NC.  The VP of Saving Southern Kitties is the owner of Embroidery 2.  100% percent of the profit from the sale of SSK Products goes back to SSKAll items are produced when they are ordered and can either be shipped or picked up at Embroidery 2.

Have printing needs?  Contact Embroidery 2 at info@embroidery2.com

Visit www.Embroidery2.com to see what they can do for you.  Tell them SSK sent you!



  • Meowy Catmas Fundraiser

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  • SSK Gift Sets

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  • SSK Cat Apparel

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  • SSK Hats

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  • Embroidered Cat Blankets

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  • SSK Tablet/Computer Case

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  • SSK Totes

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  • SSK Drinkware

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  • Sweatshirts

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  • Car Magnet

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